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Fahad Barashid Trading

Fahad Barashid Trading Establishment is a Saudi Information and Communication Technology entity established in the year 2011, located in Al-Sharafiyah, at Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are an authorized distributor for many leading IT hardware and software companies in Saudi.

Fahad Barashid Trading is an authorized D-link distributor and reseller leading technology brands including Dahua, IBBnet cabinet, Zktec, Cisco, Emerson UPS in Saudi Arabia.
We provide a wide range of value-added solutions and products that cover Wireless, IP telephony, CCTV/IP surveillance, structure cabling system, switching and routing, network management, media converters, and UPS solutions. Hence, having this unique portfolio consisting of quality-based products and solutions from world-leading vendors gives us a competitive advantage to be more reliable and dependable with customers and vendors alike.

We have built our well-earned reputation and strong market position through accumulated years of hard work and experience in managing and delivering services of the highest quality in the Saudi market. As a result, we have become capable of identifying and detecting all the main changes and developments in technologies.

Target Audience


System Integrator


To bring new technologies that help market services improvement, benefit from new technologies, and create a solid working relationship with customers based on trust. We seek to cover the market in major cities and remote areas through our customer networks and achieve financial returns that help growth and development.


To provide various products as well as deliver Pre-sales and After-sales services to our customers to help them achieve a good return of investment that allows them to grow and be competitive.


To become a leading distributor in the Information and Communication Technology and contribute to the development of the market with the latest technologies and solutions



The relationship with our customers is built on Trust


Motivating our team to reach our goals


Quality in product and services to gain customer loyalty



Good Quality Guarantee

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