D-Link (DGS-3120-24SC) 16 SFP and 8 Combo Gigabit/SFP L2 Stack Managed Switch

D-Link (DGS-3120-24SC) 16 SFP and 8 Combo Gigabit/SFP L2 Stack Managed Switch

xStack L3 Managed Gigabit Fiber Switch

Enhanced L3 Gigabit switch designed to connect end-users in a secure campus or enterprise network.

  • 16 x  SFP ports
  • 8 x 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP Combo ports
  • Multiple software management options
  • Physical stacking of up to 6 units for a total of 288 Gigabit ports and up to 40 Gbps stacking bandwidth
  • Extensive Layer 2 features including STP, ERPS, and IGMP/MLD Snooping
  • Comprehensive Layer 3 features including RIP, OSPF, IGMP/MLP
  • IPv6-ready
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1000M SFP Interface16
10G CX4 Interface2
Combo 1000Base-T/SFP8
Console PortYes
Secure Digital (SD) Card SlotYes
SFP ports16
10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP Combo ports8
Switch Capacity88 Gbps
Max. Packet Forwarding Rate65.48 Mpps
Store & Forwarding ForwadingYes
Dimension440 × 210 × 44 mm
Weight2.64 Kg
Operation Temperature0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature– 40 ~ 70 °C
Operation Humidity10% ~ 90% RH
Storage Humidity5% ~ 90% RH
Maximum Power Consumption33.5 W
Standby Power Consumption19.8 W
Maximum Heat Dissipation114.2 BTU/h
AcousticMax:46.7 dB Min :30.2 dB
MTBF433,404.4 hours
Power InputAC:100 ~ 240 V
Redundant Power SupplyYes (DPS-200)
CPU Speed400 MHz
DRAM Size256 MB
Flash Memory Size32 MB
Packet Buffer Size2 MB
Comply with RoHS 6Yes
Power Saving By Link StatusYes
Power Saving By Cable LengthYes
Power Saving By LED Shut-OffYes
Power Saving By Port Shut-OffYes
Power Saving By Port StandbyYes
Power Saving By System HibernationYes
Time-based PoEYes
Units Per Physical Stack6
Physical StackingYes
Physical Stacking Bandwidth40G
MAC Address Table Size16,384
802.3x Flow ControlYes
Head-of-line (HOL) Blocking PreventionYes
802.1D Spanning Tree (STP)Yes
802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)Yes
802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP)Yes
BPDU FilteringYes
Root RestrictionYes
BPDU RestrictionYes
802.1AX Link AggregationYes
802.3ad Link AggregationYes
Max Port Per Link Aggregation Group8
Port MirroringYes
Flow-based (ACL) mirroringYes
Jumbo Frame13,312 Bytes
Loopback Detection (LBD)Yes
L2 Protocol TunnelingYes
IGMP SnoopingYes
Max IGMP Snooping Groups1,024
IGMP AuthenticationYes
MLD SnoopingYes
IGMP Snooping Fast LeaveYes
IGMP Proxy ReportingYes
MLD Snooping Groups1,024
MLD Snooping Fast LeaveYes
MLD Proxy ReportingYes
802.1Q VLANYes
VLAN Groups4094
Port-based VLANYes
802.1v Protocol-based VLANYes
MAC-based VLANYes
Voice VLANYes
Auto Surveillance VLANYes
VLAN TranslationYes
ISM VLAN (Multicast VLAN)Yes
Asymmetric VLANYes
Private VLANYes
VLAN trunkingYes
ARP Entries2048
Gratuitous ARPYes
ND Entries1,024
UDP HelperYes
Default RouteYes
Number of Queue8
Limited IP Multicast (IGMP Filtering)Yes
Class of Service (CoS)Yes
Two Rate Three Color Marker (trTCM)Yes
Single Rate Three Color Marker (srTCM)Yes
Remark 802.1p priorityYes
Remark ToS/DSCPYes
Time based QoSYes
Queue HandlingYes
Strict Priority Queue (SPQ)Yes
Weighted Round Robin (WRR)Yes
Port-based Bandwidth ControlYes
Flow-based bandwidth ControlYes
Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)Yes
Max Access Control List (ACL) EntriesYes
MAC Access ListYes
IP Access ListYes
IPv6 Access ListYes
User-defined Access ListYes
Time based ACLYes
CPU Interface FilteringYes
Port SecurityYes
Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Storm ControlYes
Traffic SegmentationYes
D-Link Safeguard EngineYes
L3 Control Packet FilteringYes
NetBIOS/NetBEUI filteringYes
DHCP Server ScreeningYes
DHCP Client FilteringYes
ARP Spoofing PreventionYes
BPDU Attack ProtectionYes
DoS Attack PreventionYes
Port based 802.1X AuthenticationYes
Host based 802.1X AuthenticationYes
Identity Driven 802.1X Policy AssignmentYes
Web-based Access Control (WAC)Yes
Port based WAC AuthenticationYes
Host based WAC AuthenticationYes
Identity Driven WAC Policy AssignmentYes
Japanese Web-based Access Control (JWAC)Yes
Host based JWAC AuthenticationYes
MAC-based Access Control (MAC)Yes
Port based MAC AuthenticationYes
Host based MAC AuthenticationYes
Identity Driven MAC Policy AssignmentYes
Guest VLANYes
Microsoft® NAP SupportYes
RADIUS AccountingYes
Authentication Database FailoverYes
Trusted HostYes
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)Yes
Cable DiagnosticsYes
Web-based GUIYes
Telnet ServerYes
Telnet ClientYes
SNMP TrapYes
TFTP ClientYes
Secured FTP (SFTP) ServerYes
System LogYes
DHCP/BootP ClientYes
DHCP Auto-configurationYes
DHCP relayYes
Flash file systemYes
Dual ImagesYes
Multiple ImagesYes
Dual ConfigurationsYes
Multiple ConfigurationsYes
Editable Login BannerYes
Editable System PromptYes
DNS ClientYes
Debug CommandYes
Password RecoveryYes
Password EncryptionYes
Microsoft® Network Load Balancing (NLB)Yes
IPv6 Ready LogoYes


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